Viet Nam Sustainable Development Strategy for 2011-2020 (III)

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on April 12, 2012 signed Decision No. 432/QD-TTg on approving the Viet Nam Sustainable Development Strategy for the 2011-2020.


II. Solutions

1. To continue to improve institutional system and national administration quality for sustainable development

- To continue to perfect legal system, mechanisms and policies to ensure legal framework for the realization of the Viet Nam Strategy for Sustainable Development in the 2011-2020 period (Strategy in short). Focus on improving policies on environmental protection, firstly the Law on Environmental Protection issued in 2005.

- To enhance effectiveness of State management towards accelerating administrative reform, improving transparency of national administration and fighting corruption; coordination among relevant stakeholders in implementing the Strategy. Consolidate apparatus at all levels to undertake management work of sustainable development.

- To integrate viewpoints, principles of sustainable development in strategies, policies, planning schemes, and development plans; ensure that the development and implementation of national target programs must be combined with the Strategy approved by the Government, closely and regularly inspected and evaluated on the basis of norms for sustainable development.

- To design action programs and plans at all levels to implement the Strategy.

- To continue to research, supplement and update the set of norms for supervising and valuing sustainable development in line with each development stage.

- To enhance Party’s leadership and State management over the implementation of the Strategy, regularly inspect, supervise the deployment of policies, targets and norms for sustainable development.

- To increase and apply strict criminal and administrative sanctions to ensure sustainable development; focus on improving sanctions to deal with infringement of environment law; organizations and individuals with strict observation of regulations on sustainable development shall be commended and rewarded.

2. To enhance financial resources for sustainable development

- To enhance investments and effectively use State-funded capital to implement the Strategy. Increase budget to perfect the institutional system, laws and policies on sustainable development; develop action programs/plans to implement the Strategy; carry out science and technology research concerning sustainable development; provide training courses and improve the capacity of managing and implementing sustainable development.

- To mobilize and effectively use official development assistance (ODA), social capital, aid from local and foreign organizations and individuals for sustainable development.

- To develop mechanisms and policies to encourage financial institutions and businesses of all economic sectors as well as individuals to contribute resources for the realization of targets for sustainable development.

- To enhance the application of financial tools (tax, fee, etc) tin increase financial resources for the implementation of targets for sustainable development.

- To establish Fund for supporting sustainable development to mobilize and receive State budget and aid resources from international organizations, non-Governmental organizations, local and international organizations and individuals to fund projects, activities, initiatives and models of sustainable development at local, sectoral and national scales.

3. Dissemination, education to improve awareness of sustainable development

- To speed up dissemination and education to raise the whole society’s awareness of sustainable development. Design and realize communication programs appropriate to each type of subjects. Promote the role and responsibility of mass media like television, radio and press agencies for improving people’s awareness of guidelines, policies and Strategy on sustainable development; disseminate the contents of sustainable development Strategy. Mobilize the participation of mass organizations like the Fatherland Front, Women’s Union, Youth Union, Veterans’ Association, Farmers’ Association, Student Association, etc in communication work concerning sustainable development.

- To update and combine sustainable development contents with curriculum of  the country’s education system.

4. To enhance capacity of managing and implementing sustainable development

- To enhance training to improve capacity of managing and implementing sustainable development for managerial posts at all levels, mass organizations and business community.

- To strengthen capacity of establishments responsible for sustainable development research.

- To develop information system, database for management of sustainable development.

- To build supervision and evaluation system for sustainable development.

5. Improve the role and responsibility and enhance the participation of business community, socio-political organizations, social-professional organizations, non-Governmental organizations and residential communities in deploying sustainable development

- To enhance the role and responsibility and participation of businesses, socio-political organizations, social-professional organizations, non-Governmental organizations, and residential areas in deploying, consulting, criticizing and proposing sustainable development policies.

- To improving the role and participation of business community in the cause of socio-economic development, poverty reduction, management and use of natural resources, environmental protection, and climate change adaptation, focusing on:

+ Renovating technologies, applying clean, environmentally-friendly, and energy-saving ones;

+ Raising the responsibility of and mobilizing resources contribution of businesses in managing and consuming sparingly natural resources, maintaining bio-diversity, protecting the environment, proactively preventing and controlling environmental pollution;

+ Speeding up the observation of corporate social responsibilities, introducing business models to the poor, creating the means of subsistence and improving living standards of farmers and people in remote areas;

+ Devising initiatives for sustainable business, piloting such business models for multiplication.

6. To develop workforce for realization of sustainable development

- To deploy and concretize the Strategy and Planning Scheme for Viet Nam human resources in the 2011-2020, considering it as the crux for growth model transformation and sustainable development.

- To quickly develop high-quality workforce; closely combine human resource development and science and technology applications to restructure the economy, transform growth model, contributing to increase productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy. Step up the comprehensive renovation of Viet Nam’s tertiary education, expand investments in setting up excellent universities. Carry out programs and projects to produce high-quality workforce for spearhead fields. Focus on detecting, cultivating and promoting talented persons, produce manpower for knowledge economy development.

7. To enhance the role and effects of science and technology, push up technological renovation to implement sustainable development

- To combine targets and tasks of science and technology development with sustainable development norms, in which science and technology are the background and driving force for development activities. Focus on developing science and technology fields being the foundation for sustainable development.

- To vigorously steer science and technology research and application to sustainable development. Speed up science and technical research and technological transfer to serve sustainable development. Encourage the development of environment technology, clean technology, environmentally-friendly products and materials and energy-saving technology. Effective control the import and transfer of technology which is not advanced or energy-consuming. Introduce modern approaches and methods to manage activities of sustainable development. Enhance information technology application and development.

- To boost technology innovation, improve production technology, focusing on renovating technology towards economical and effective consumption of energy and materials, waste reduction, and high added value.

- To formulate and develop the system of facilities for researching, training, consulting science and technology services to serve sustainable development.

8. To expand international cooperation

- To expand international cooperation in the fields of information exchange, science and technology for sustainable development, develop environmental economics(waste treatment, energy-saving technology, low-carbon, and waste renewal technology, etc).

- To proactively join the global community to address issues concerning sustainable development; coordinate in settling regional and international issues: carbon emissions, water source pollution, air pollution, and forest exploitation, hydro-power dams, or social issues like emigration and labor export, etc.


(to be continued)


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